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About Us

Makeup Artist, Joanna Arias Crowder has been in the fashion and glamour industry for over 17 years. She began by working for one of the Best and Largest companies in the world; ESTEE LAUDER. Her passion for beauty was released with every woman she encountered. As we all know beauty comes from within. Joanna believes that the magic in letting the world see your beauty is to show it off thru confidence. Being made up is not just a physical change or experience but a mental and emotional one as well. "I love to reinforce people's beauty, sometimes we as women seem to forget our real value and purpose.  If you feel good about yourself, you will reflect that to others and we just need to bring that out."

Joanna is a published artist who uses the MAC Pro line as well as Estee Lauder and Cinema Secrets, which guarantees that your makeup lasts and lasts on your special day.

If you have seen pictures of Joanna's work you might wonder "can she do a natural look?" Even though Joanna is a fan for the glamour eye she can do any look your heart desires. As long as your makeup is meeting the criteria of being light responsive--meaning it looks absolutely fabulous in photos and stays on for a very very long time. Utilizing special skills and signature techniques, Joanna creates the Natural look to the full out Glam and everything in between... anything is possible! Whatever look you are interested in; Joanna listens and gets on the same page as you, to provide you with what you truly wish to see in the mirror. Get treated like the star you are! 

Joanna was trained through out the years in seminars, classes, Estee Lauder Training and the Learning Institute of Beauty Science in Manhattan, NY. There she was certified in fashion and glamour, TV/Film.  She has worked with National, International and Local Talent. 

Now it is your chance to experience talent and reliability.... sealed with a Kiss, delivered with class. 

Joanna Arias

Message from the Artist

When booking a Makeup Artist you not only look for talent, but also for reliability, wonderful work ethic and an easy to get along with personality.  Using Look at Me Makeup, gives you the comfort of knowing you will recieve this package.

I am dedicated to serving my customer's needs, and my goal is 100% customer satisfaction. I strive to bring you the best in quality service. If something isn't right, please let me know. Thank you in Advance for booking me.